The anti-aging dermocosmetics

There is one revolution after another in the field of cosmetics,

in particular that of the encounter between two worlds–cosmetics and medical aesthetics.  Not only one borrows from the other and vice versa, but also surgeons and aesthetic doctors start formulating anti-aging creams.

As the largest organ of the body, the skin shows both the effects of the internal aging process and the effects of the toxic environment that surrounds us. More specifically, the molecular effect of oxidation, inflammation and glycation has been directly linked to the accelerated aging of the skin.

Anti-aging peptides are being used increasingly, their promising active ingredients are chains of amino acids naturally present in the skin. They may be called dipeptides, hexapeptides or polypeptides, depending on the number of amino acids they have.  They are messengers that act by imitation: they bind to cell receptors that recognize them, which triggers a cascade of reactions to the dermis. Some boost the cell renewal, others stimulate the fibroblasts, resulting in the synthesis of collagen and elastin, and decreasing the degradation phenomena of of these fibers.


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