The Jlife Plan

When you buy a computer, it is most often shipped with a sizeable, and sometimes intimidating, instruction manual.

In fact, not a single one of the accessories which populate our daily lives is free from some kind of detailed instruction booklet. But what about our life? Did we ever receive its instruction manual?

We have spent millennia searching for it. Whether we call it well-being, harmony, happiness or the fountain of youth, it remains hidden, and through our work, we are slowly uncovering just a few of its pages. Today we can offer you a few more, thanks to our JLife program, which is designed to squeeze even more life into your life.

By reading this book, you have acquired enough knowledge to understand why we age and what we can do to delay, or even ‘reverse’ aging. You now have all the necessary elements to consider undergoing a cellular revitalization protocol, but you may still have some reservations.

Some are absolutely convinced that what they have already read is credible enough for them to take immediate action, but they don’t know where to start, due to the wealth of available information, which can also be quite complex. They would like an instruction manual. We are there to help them.

Others have properly assimilated the information contained in this book. Yet they are not entirely confident that these hyperlongevity methods are effective. They may be convinced that death is not only inevitable, but even essential to the survival of the species. To those who believe this we say: “Be patient, keep reading the final section of this book, and see for yourself if we can convince you… at least try it out!”

Others simply don’t believe it. They think that all of these theories are only hypotheses and that scientists are clearly getting too convinced too soon. If this is the case, they should try to apply the lifestyle modification protocols to themselves, as described below. We are certain that they will improve their health.

JLife is an ambitious program, which stems from a logical observation: any death which takes place earlier than after 122 years, 5 months and 14 days should be considered premature. This is of course referring to the woman still holding the world longevity record: Jeanne Calment. This program has two objectives: the first is to help repair damage and slow down the process of cellular aging, the second is to trigger a process of cell regeneration. This is a simple, non-aggressive protocol, which does however require continued vigilance, as damage is repetitive; this is therefore a constant, daily battle.


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