Aging denying old age

Contrary to pregnancy denial, denying old age is not a pathology, only an attitude which affects a great many of us.

If aging were enshrined in the laws of the Universe, we should logically accept it as such. And yet exactly the opposite is true! Indeed, most people consider death inevitable, but aging as unacceptable! The exploding sales of anti-aging cosmetics and of countless rejuvenation techniques are clear evidence of this.

This is why it is important, at least initially, to distinguish between longevity and senescence, and to concentrate on means of lowering the risk of contracting severe age-related illnesses in order to stay in top physical shape as long as possible.


Refusing to age, refusing to see ourselves age, is a reality which concerns many of us. We accept that death is inevitable, yet aging is unacceptable, because we live in a world where aging is synonymous with failure, exclusion or degeneration. This is why it is so tempting to deny the reality of it.

Aging without being old, that is the new challenge of Generation Young. But the road to aging well is full of obstacles: the fear of physically aging and no longer being attractive, the fear of being a burden for our family, the fear of losing our mind, the fear of solitude. Fears which so often inhibit us.


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