Is Immortality Around the Corner ?

Each one of us carries within us a unique and complex universe of wisdom, knowledge, aptitudes, and experiences

related to life and relationships. When someone dies, this colossal sum of information is lost forever. Why then should death be inevitable?

No, today we can no longer consider death as our inevitable fate. It is my sincere conviction that one of the main causes of this fate, as well as a means of thwarting it, can be found within our cells. Today, the combined action of new biotechnologies, of molecules derived from certain plants and lifestyle improvement can provide us with a second youth which we would not have even dreamed of a few years ago. The only concern would be: what do we need to do to extend our lives so as to benefit from as of yet unavailable, but ever more effective new strategies? Have we acquired the knowledge and technologies necessary to live forever? Not yet! But we can significantly lower the incidence of diseases and delay aging, and we can do so far beyond what people, including the medical community, imagine. We do not yet have the ability, however, to indefinitely extend human life.


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