The Promise of Immortality : Presentation

DNA, stem cells, telomeres, nanorobots, biotechnology.

Super longevity, hyper longevity, Immortality? : Are these Superman-like fantasies? Dreams? Utopias? Not at all; this is reality.

 This isn’t the future, it is the present.  Is that to say that we have the knowledge and technologies which would allow us to live eternally? Not yet! We can however, today, significantly slow down age-related illnesses as well as the aging process.

The purpose of this book is precisely to show that it is possible to extend human life while remaining healthy. Today, we can see that human life regularly lengthens, by three months every year, but we don’t know exactly why. Extending human life would therefore not be a discovery, as it is already happening. The only question is: can we understand this process and accelerate it?